Your Ultimate Source 4 Quality Electronic ComponentsSM


Source 4  Electronics is an american owned and operated stocking independent electronic component distributer. With over 31 years experience operating in the open market, we can help your company in a variety of ways. They are as follows:

Off the shelf inventory

  We stock thousand's of Integrated circuits, Memory modules, Microprocessors, Passives and Peripherals in our facility, ready to ship to you today.

Component Sourcing

  If we don't have the specific  part you need in stock, we can discreetly scour the market without causing the market price to inflate. (When the independent "Big Boys" come to the market, the market price tends to rise)


Excess Inventory Liquidation

  It is our company's philosophy to stock our shelves with a variety of components to accommodate our OEM customer's requirements. We prefer to descreetly purchase your entire  lot of inventory to be able  to offer our customers a broader range of components on the shelf. Therefor, we don't have to pre-sell your material. This helps you achieve a faster turn of your inventory while netting you a higher return on your dollar.


E & O Profit sharing program.

  Source 4 Electronics has developed a proprietary profit sharing program for your Excess and Obsolete electronic material. We will pick up or receive in your material into our secured warehouse. We will sort it, count it, and stock it at our facility. We will list it and resell it into the open market splitting the revenue with you 50/50. A monthly report  of all activity will be provided and any or all material can be returned to you in the event of current or future requirements. This helps you net a significantly higher return on your material, while eliminating the problems associated with carrying and disposing of excess electronic component inventory.



Mfg. rep for I2nnovations printed circuit boards and design solutions

We are an authorized sales representative for    .    delivering end-to-end electronic products and services from Electronics Design, Embedded Software to Printed Circuit Boards design, layout, and fabrication. A pioneer in PCB fab since 1979 utilizing 270,000 sq ft factory operation in India, i2 can your reduce  cost, improve product quality, and launch your products faster in the market.